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Meeting Planers enjoy working with Tom Hinton

Meeting planners and event managers enjoy working with tom Hinton and his experienced staff. Tom’s goal is to make the meeting planner’s job easy NO hassles. And that’s why Tom Hinton has one of the highest client satisfaction ratings of any professional speaker in America.

Keynote Programs and Workshops :


“Creating a Culture of Business Excellence “

World class companies don’t just happen ! Their success is planned, measured, and tracked as they blaze the trail to performance excellence. This powerful program explores the best practices from several world class companies and explains how they achieve superior results in seven crucial areas from leadership to Process Management. During this keynote presentation or workshop format, Tom will provide clear direction and advice to your attendees to help them create a culture of excellence.

“Leadership Lessons I Learned on the Links: Mastering the Course of Business and Life”

Based on Tom Hinton’s best selling book, this keynote presentation is guaranteed to motivate and inspire your attendees ! Using analogies and principles from the game of golf, Tom shares some of the most powerful leadership lessons he’s learned on the links to help your attendees improve their own personal and professional performance-on and off the links! This is a popular keynote program with senior managers, sales representatives, and clients who want to integrate a sports them, golf event, or leadership message as part of their meeting.

“The Spirit of Service: How to Create Customer Service Champions”

Based on Tom Hinton’s first boo, The Spirit of Service, this popular keynote program or workshop is ideal for front line service champions and managers who are responsible for customer relations, sales, and service. Tom shares ten valuable attributes that every customer focused company should embrace from Service Leadership and Listening to Empathy and Measuring Results. It’s packed with humor, positive examples of how to acquire and maintain customers, and practical tips to help your attendees improve their service performance.

“Team Building : Working Together for Fun, Pride, and Profit “

How do you create a winning team performance in this dynamic, interactive program, Tom will energize your people through innovative team building exercises and problem solving tactics that are guaranteed to build team sprit and reinforce the importance of working together to achieve better results. This spirited program is popular with employee groups and business units because it focuses on relationship building strategies to help solve tough operational problems and achieve common goals.

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