Culture of Excellence

Creating a culture of Excellence in the Workplace

Take advantage of this dynamic, new program to help your organization create a Culture of Excellence in the workplace.
This powerful Business Excellence program was designed by CRI Global CAPS, LLC and one of America’s most respected business authors and professional speakers, Tom Hinton.

Now you can improve your performance and Create a Culture of Excellence through these five powerful programs:

1. The CAPS Assessment
2. The Culture Blueprint
3. “Creating a Culture of Excellence in the Workplace” speech or workshop presentation
featuring Tom Hinton, America’s Expert in Business Excellence, and Barbara Yager, coauthor of The Heart and Soul of Culture.
4. The Core Power System™
5. The Culture Playbook
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Taking your organization from “Good to Great to Awesome!” is hard work. It requires inspired leadership, a strong mission and vision and the commitment of your employees to create a Culture of Excellence in the workplace.

That’s why CRI Global CAPS, LLC (CAPS) has created a dynamic, new program that can help your business Create a Culture of Excellence! We invite you to take advantage of our new Business Excellence resources and help your organization be recognized as the industry leader for Excellence!

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