What to REALLY Expect When You Travel This Summer

Now that the coronavirus feels further behind us, the travel industry is back on top. Where once this industry shuttered due to the lockdowns and the inability to travel, sales and tourism are booming.

However, this situation has not made it easy to travel—and seemingly it’s getting worse. The airline industry is taking hit-after-hit of complaints due to:

  • Cancellations
  • Not enough staff
  • Removing additional flights
  • Delays
  • Endless long lines
  • And more

Travel can truly make life worth living, but getting there may no longer be the most exciting part of the journey. Many consumers are calling airline travel “nightmarish” as the industry continues to spiral out of control.

Here is everything to expect when you travel this summer:

The Travel Bug Has Bitten

For millions of people across America, the travel appetite remains insatiable. After being locked down in quarantine and unable to go anywhere, many people learned to seize the day and any opportunity to see the world.

The enthusiasm to get on a plane and add new stamps to the passport has never been as high as it is now. TripAdvisor and Expedia found that 82% of Americans plan to travel within the next several months and have declared that summer travel is officially back and better than ever.

Plan With Patience

Many people do not struggle with the plane ride itself. Instead, the true headache lies in waiting in the long security lines and check-in procedures at the airport. This situation is only worsening.

Plan to be more patient as long lines continue to be exhausting with many security and check-in delays leading to missed flights and increased aggravation. Be prepared as well to endure a possible flight cancellation due to labor strikes as this occurrence is also on the rise.

Nonsense on the Planes

Altercations and unbelievable interactions on planes continue to be on the upsurge. Whether it be physical violence, assaulting flight attendants, or the woman who believed someone on the plane was not real, the level of nonsense onboard is intensifying.

A study revealed in 2021 that 85% of flight attendants had endured an unruly passenger. 17% followed up with the fact that they had also been physically assaulted according to an AFA-CAW, AFL-CIO study. Disruptive behavior on planes continues to be the norm as more and more incidents are happening, making flying even more uncomfortable—and sometimes, downright terrifying.

Our advice is simple… give the airline employees a break. They’re not responsible for weather delays or even most flight cancellations. Their job is already very stressful. They want to get you on your way as fast as possible. I know it’s hard to smile when you’re grinding your teeth after learning your flight is delayed or canceled but try to appreciate their position; they have to deal with not just your complex situation, but also 180 other passengers including screaming kids, a few pets, and a nagging grandfather who desperately needs a restroom! As the saying goes: “Cut ‘em some slack!”

Eco-friendly on the Forefront

Sustainability is key as a growing number of people are becoming more concerned with saving the environment. Environmentally friendly travel is seeing an upward spike as more people are committed to sustainability practices.

Finding alternative ways to travel is becoming more popular as the airline industry receives hellacious backlash for all of the issues. Taking trains, renting cars, and boats are being utilized to reduce the carbon footprint—and the headache of the airport.

More People are Traveling Abroad

As the majority of covid-restrictions have now been lifted, it is easier once again to travel the world. Many Americans are opting for international vacations versus staying domestic.

The trend is expected to continue throughout the holiday season as people are anxious to get out and experience something different. After years of closed borders and travel restrictions, covid tests, and more, it is no wonder that Hotels.com found international hotel searches increased by 300% since pre-pandemic levels.

Bottom Line

Although summertime travel can be one of the most exciting times of the year, for many, it is a pure hellscape of aggravation. As airlines continue to spiral out of control with long lines, delays, and physical assaults on planes, be prepared for the unpleasant environment that awaits.

The roads and skyways will continue to stay busy as the travel bug has bitten like never before. By finding alternative travel plans, you can reduce both your carbon footprint and your anxiety as you embark on your next summer adventure.




We recommend you check reliable websites like the American Auto Club (www.AAA.com) and your airline website before you head off to the airport to make sure your flight is still scheduled to depart on time.

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