Your Corporate Culture Impacts Your Customer Service

After several years of being relegated to the sidelines, companies are once again paying attention to the significance of their corporate culture. Culture was a hot topic among CEOs and leading consultants in the early 2000s, but it slipped off the radar screen as wild profits and social media ballooned with the new millennium.

When that happened, companies took their eye off the customer service ball as well! The disappointing results were predictable. Now, companies are scrambling to re-capture once-loyal customers who fled to the competition. For many years, I’ve been preaching that “Culture Matters!” It’s the foundation upon which superior customer service and employee dedication to the company’s values and mission are built.

Years ago, we realized a company’s culture is a reliable indicator of a business’s social media popularity, employee retention and customer retention.

But, what exactly is “Culture?”  And, what aspects of culture should a company focus on?  We define Corporate Culture as “the blending of your company’s history, heritage, standards, values and attitudes with the experiences of your customers and employees.” Because your corporate culture impacts performance and profitability, it is much more than a simple behavioral model that evaluates the norms and expectations of employees and how they perform their work and interact with customers.

With regard to what you should focus on in terms of refining your corporate culture, we emphasize three areas. We refer to this as your Triad of Business Success™.  The three legs are your Business Operations, Profit Strategies and Customer Relations. For more information on each of these key areas, please visit:

As you look at your performance history, customer relationships and profit strategies it’s important to recognize that culture plays a significant role not only in your “top line,” but also, in your bottom line.

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