Speaker Bureau

How Tom Hinton Supports Speaker Bureaus:

Since 1992, Tom Hinton has worked with many outstanding speaker bureaus throughout North America. Typically, twenty percent of Tom’s annual bookings come from speaker bureaus and agents who have worked with Tom and can rely on his ability to always deliver an outstanding program and generate spin-off business!

As a professional speaker with over 22 years of platform experience, Tom understands the importance of a “team” approach in selling clients and this is why Tom and his professional staff are very responsive to your calls. We are always willing to give you a fast response to your questions and, if necessary, place a “hold” on dates. We also will get you information and materials quickly!  In fact, most of what you need can be found on this website including bios, demo DVDs, one-sheets and Tom’s topic fliers. We also understand the importance of building a win-win relationship with your agents and that’s why Tom enjoys visiting with agents and bureaus whenever he’s in your town and inviting them to his speeches.

Tom also plays by the rules when dealing with speaker bureaus. This includes honoring the terms of our scheduling agreement and making sure that potential spin-off business and leads from any engagement you book for Tom are directed back to your Bureau. And, Tom always acknowledges the important role of the speaker bureau when talking to your clients.

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