Why Select Tom

Why Select Tom Hinton For Your Next Event?

Selecting the right speaker for your meeting or event is a very important job. There are
many reasons why you should select Tom Hinton as your speaker. Here are the top three
according to Tom’s clients:

  1. Tom always does his homework to customize his presentation to the client’s needs and to ensure a successful presentation.
  2. Tom is affordable. His fee is very reasonable and won’t bust your budget!
  3. Tom is easy to work with and always goes “above-and-beyond” for his clients.

Finding the right professional speaker who will deliver an outstanding performance and
convey the right message cannot be determined just by watching a video, reviewing
fancy brochures, or hoping for the best.

Here’s how Tom ensures a successful presentation…

1. Tom Hinton understands speaker selection is important to the success of your meeting
and that’s why he personally talks with each client to determine your desired outcomes
and expectations.

2. Based on this information, Tom will develop a customized presentation that meets
your needs. Next, Tom will check with you before his presentation is finalized to ensure
he’s on message and exceeding your expectations. This is one reason why clients like to
book Tom for repeat engagements.

3. It’s all about making a meaningful difference and helping your attendees improve
their performance and results. As a successful business person, Tom understands the
importance of helping your attendees achieve their goals.

For every hour of presentation time, Tom devotes more than four hours researching
relevant information on his topic, talking to industry experts and leaders, contacting
key persons in your organization, and working closely with your meeting planner staff
to make sure important details have been covered. This is part of the Hinton Approach
to Success. In the end, your attendees will experience a powerful message that not only
motivates and inspires them, but urges them to take action and get results. That translates
to a “job well done” for you!