What Clients Say

What Clients Say About Tom Hinton

“Tom Hinton’s customer service training for our 900 front-line and management employees had a major, positive impact throughout our organization. We truly became more customer-focused. And, customers noticed a positive transformation among our front-line employees. We’ve received many letters, calls, and personal compliments from residents for our improved customer service. Tom has done a great job over the past four years in helping us create a customer-focused culture.”
Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District

“Working with Tom has been a pleasure. We just want to say thank you one more time for your extra effort and support during our company’s Executive Healthcare Forum. Your two presentations made it a great success!”
Roche Diagnostics

“We measure our business success through customer satisfaction and sales growth. Over the past two years, Tom Hinton helped us increase both key metrics by successfully implementing a team training program and helping our sales force boost their sales through customer relations tactics. Thanks for your customer relations workshops and helping our sales team increase their sales. Tom’s programs were the best we’ve had in the area of customer relations and team building.
Isuzu North America

“Thank you, Mr. Hinton, for helping us not only increase our business through better customer service, but also helping us understand the cultural differences of doing business in North America. Today, we are a more successful company because of your customer service expertise and training. Also, our hotel properties in Japan and the United States are more successful because of your leadership training for our managers
and the business excellence strategies you provided during the past two years.”
New Otani Hotels

“Your recent keynote speech to our OTS managers helped make this one of the most effective meetings we’ve ever experienced. Your ten points from The Spirit of Service contained a wealth of information and you delivered it in an entertaining and upbeat style. Our managers were particularly impressed with the ‘homework’ you did ahead of time which made your speech all the more relevant to them. They laughed, learned, and want you back!”
Social Security Administration