Top Ten Reasons For Tom

Top Ten Reasons Why Tom Hinton is the Right Speaker for You

  1. Tom Hinton is a seasoned professional speaker who has delivered over 900 paid speeches since 1986. He knows how to craft an outstanding presentation that is guaranteed to get results with audiences ranging from tough-minded senior executives to front-line employees who need motivation and humor to get them through the day.
  2. Tom has a dynamic and entertaining platform style that audiences enjoy because he knows how to connect emotionally and intellectually with people.
  3. Tom gives “value-added” content to his audiences through relevant, timely information, and ideas they can use to improve their performance and results.
  4. Tom is affordable . His speaker fees are very competitive and his travel requirements won’t bust your budget!
  5. Tom is easy to work with . He has a professional, customer-focused staff that is always willing to help you get the information and answers you need to do your job. Give us a call and see for yourself!
  6. Tom gets great evaluations. When you tally Tom’s evaluations, you’ll see 9’s and 10’s because he knows how to customize a presentation to ensure his audiences get cutting edge information along with the entertainment value they would expect from a seasoned, professional speaker.
  7. Tom isn’t just an inspiring speaker; he has valuable business experience and real-world knowledge in helping companies improve their performance and business results. Tom’s credibility as a practitioner is especially important to hard-nosed business audiences.
  8. Tom is a respected business author of four best-selling books . Audiences want to hear from a speaker who is a respected expert and really knows his subject matter. Tom knows how to deliver timely information in an energetic and innovative way.
  9. Tom engages the audience throughout his presentations . Tom’s presentations use a balance of relevant information, humor, and signature stories to keep attendees focused and entertained.
  10. Tom is dependable . He arrives early, stays late, and does his homework in order to ensure your meeting is a big success.