Speech Preparation and Pre-Program Questionnaire

Tom’s Speech Preparation and Pre-Program Questionnaire

Please fill out our pre-program questionnaire

One of the reasons Tom Hinton delivers great presentations time after time is a direct result of his preparation and pre-program questionnaire. It isn’t magic, it’s just a matter of doing the hard work necessary to ensure a great outcome. That’s what meeting planners expect. Here’s how Tom Hinton delivers for you:

  • When you call Tom Hinton to inquire about his availability, we’ll want to make sure Tom is the right speaker for you. Frankly, there are some audiences and meeting that might not fit. We’ll be honest with you and tell you if we don’t think it’s a good match. Why? Because your reputation is important… and so is ours! Tom only wants to speak to audiences that will benefit from his presentations and be receptive to his message.
  • Tom likes to get as much information about your organization as possible before he talks with you about specific meeting goals so he understands your mission and vision as well as how you operate. Typically, this includes an in-depth review of your website, business news search, and annual report.
  • When Tom talks to the event planner, he will review the pre-program questionnaire. This includes the usual “Who, What, When, Where, and Why” type questions. But, it’s important to know about your goals for this meeting as well as other issues and topics that will be discussed.
  • Once a Scheduling Agreement is signed and returned to Tom’s office, he will want to have another conversation with you and, eventually, talk with 6-8 key people in your organization who are well-versed on the issues and challenges facing your industry or company. Obviously, these conversations are confidential. This is an important part of gathering insights and information that Tom can translate into ideas and solutions for your attendees.
  • At this point, Tom begins to prepare his presentation including power point slides and other materials necessary to give your attendees the most timely information and innovative ideas to help them achieve results. Tom will send this draft version to the meeting planner and other key persons to ensure he is on message.
  • If Tom is traveling in your area, he’ll ask to schedule a face-to-face with you and others involved in planning the event. This is a good way to break the ice before your event and gives Tom and the meeting planning team a chance to review any last-minute changes.. Many times, Tom will visit a client’s satellite operations in Southern California or another city where he is traveling. This strengthens the bonds of communication and gives Tom a broader perspective on how your organization operates.
  • When a pre-speech visit isn’t possible, Tom always allows time in his schedule to arrive early at the event to have a face-to-face client meeting and review the day’s agenda as well as any changes that have been made. Tom also likes to meet the person who is introducing him so that there is a smooth hand-off and personal rapport.
  • On site, Tom arrives early to ensure his audiovisual requirements are in place and the room configuration is correct. Sometimes, meeting planners must change room locations or the room layout. This pre-speech check avoids surprises and allows Tom to get comfortable in whatever environment the meeting planner has created for Tom’s presentation.
  • Tom always sticks to his allotted time schedule. If a meeting planner needs to cut a few minutes or add time, Tom is always agreeable to keeping your event “on schedule!”
  • On stage, Tom is upbeat, entertaining, informative, and respectful of all audience members. While Tom has fun with an audience, you’ll never have to worry about him crossing the line or making inappropriate remarks to your audience.
  • After his presentation, Tom is always available to visit with your attendees, sign books, or help you get the room ready for the next speaker.
  • Tom is reliable. He has never missed a paid speaking engagement in twenty years… although he has missed a few connecting flights! Once, Tom had to charter a small, private Citation jet to get from Dallas to Hilton Head when his connecting flight was cancelled. Yes, it was expensive, but it sure was a fun trip and he got there ahead of schedule!
  • You’ll always receive a follow-up call from Tom after the event to talk about impressions and audience reactions long after the applause has stopped. Tom wants to know what you thought and gauge the reactions of your key leaders who were in attendance.
  • Finally, you’ll receive a personal thank you letter from Tom Hinton because he respects the hard work you do to organize an event and make it a success. It is not an easy job and Tom appreciates that. And, of course, Tom will always ask you about future opportunities with your organization. We like to keep a good thing going!