Speech Introduction

At this time, it’s my pleasure to introduce our featured speaker. In 1992, business author and professional speaker, Tom Hinton, wrote in his first book, The Spirit of Service, that “the difference between good organizations and great organizations can be traced to their People and the Processes they use to manage their organizations.”

I think what Tom Hinton wrote many years ago is still very true today. And, it certainly applies to all of us regardless of the jobs we perform.

As the President & CEO of the Customer Relations Institute in San Diego, California, Tom is the author of three popular business books on Leadership and Customer Service; and, he also serves on the Board of Directors of several notable organizations including: the American Consumer Council and the Leadership Links Foundation.

Today, we’ve asked Tom to share his thoughts on the topic of _____________________________.

So, please join me in a warm welcome for… Mr. Tom Hinton.