Room Arrangements and Audiovisual Needs

Ballroom/Main Room:
Typically, most of Tom’s speeches are delivered in a ballroom setting with a stage and pipe/drape backdrop. A screen and LCD player and laptop computer are nearby or Tom’s power point presentation is downloaded and cued by the audiovisual technicians. Tom likes to get close to his audience, so the tables/chairs can be close to the stage. Please provide stairs at the center-front of the stage as well as on either side of the stage.

Breakout Room:
For workshops and breakout sessions lasting more than 90-minutes, Tom asks for a classroom setting or crescent rounds with five chairs per round table. No stage is required.

For workshops and breakout sessions lasting less than 90 minutes, theatre-style seating is acceptable. No stage is required.

Audiovisual Equipment:
Tom requires a wireless lapel (clip on) microphone, an LCD projector, a laptop with a wireless remote mouse, a flip chart with red, blue, green, and black-colored markers, and a small table where he can place his water and notes. If you use a lectern/podium on the stage, please set it back five feet from the edge of the stage so Tom can walk in front of it. If you plan to videotape or audiotape Tom’s presentation ,just let us know in advance so we can support your needs.