Books, Product Sales, and Exhibit Booths

Most clients like to give their attendees a gift or keepsake at meetings. Tom’s books are always a popular memento; and, your attendees will appreciate a signed copy of Tom’s book. Just let us know and we can arrange for each attendee to receive a signed copy of Tom’s book.

In addition to his best-selling books, Tom also has several products and gift items you can purchase for attendees or offer for sale in the back of the room before and after his presentation.

Some clients will provide Tom with an exhibitor’s booth or tabletop area where he can sell his educational products, sign books, or just talk with your attendees about their issues and challenges. Tom is always willing to stay on after his speech if his schedule permits. Just let us know and we’ll make it work for you.

This special section is for meeting planners and event managers who are responsible for creating, organizing, and implementing a successful program. Whether you are planning for 25 key managers or 2500 attendees, Tom Hinton devotes the same preparation and attention to detail to ensure your event is a great success.