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Life Balance

8 Keys to Balancing Your Work and Celebrating Life!

For many of us, work becomes the focal point of our lives. Whether we’re self-employed or work at a Fortune 500 company, our job becomes our life! Work can be physically exhausting and emotionally draining. It can disrupt and dominate our family and disrupt our social life, cause burnout at an early age, and even make us physically sick. It’s also the Number One issue for derailing a High Performance Workplace™.

Dealing with demanding clients and bosses, juggling personal priorities and constantly striving to satisfy hundreds of customers can take its toll and zap your strength! So, how do you stay energized and balance your life amid the demands of your profession, family and personal interests?

Author and Speaker Tom Hinton has some answers! Finding Your Life Balance is an upbeat and informative keynote presentation (or workshop) that was created to help your employees rekindle their passion for the workplace, rediscover how to really enjoy their jobs, and find new ways to celebrate life!

During this high-energy and entertaining program, Tom Hinton will introduce you to the 8 key elements that dominate just about everything we do in life. The 8 elements are: Career, Relationships, Environment, Wellness, Romance, Money, Fun & Recreation, and Legacy. Based on popular programs such as StrengthFinders 2.0 and the CAPS Profile Leadership System, Tom will introduce your attendees to the 10,000 Days Wheel of Life Assessment™ and show you how to create balance in each of the 8 elements. Life Balance also will help you learn how not to make commitments, avoid difficult situations and people that only compound your problems, and, when necessary, challenge or confront people who treat you unfairly or without respect.

Finally, Life Balance will challenge you to revisit your dreams and goals as a way to help you rediscover your path to professional fulfillment, happiness in life, and personal satisfaction as a professional and person.

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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement: How to Create a Culture of Commitment and Engagement in the Workplace

Employee Engagement is one of the most serious issues facing senior management because of its high impact on profitability and maintaining a culture of service. The Gallup survey reports that only 28% of your employees are engaged in their jobs. Another 58% have mixed feelings about their contributions to the workplace while a troubling 19% report they are actually disengaged! This is a red flag issue for any company that wants to create a High Performance Workplace™, relies on its employees to drive sales and support customer service! How can your organization address the complex issue of Employee Engagement so that your employees are re-energized and recommitted to your Vision and goals?

Author and Speaker Tom Hinton has some answers!

Since 1987, Tom Hinton has worked with companies and organizations to help them develop a culture of excellent through Employee Engagement strategies. During this powerful and insightful program, Tom reveals three proven strategies you can use to rejuvenate employee enthusiasm for their jobs and their organization. This fast-paced presentation is geared towards management and supervisors who are struggling with workplace issues and challenged with how to foster a positive working relationship with those employees who just aren’t contributing to management’s expectations.

Based on this upbeat and entertaining presentation by Tom Hinton, your management team will walk away with solutions to help them build better relationships with difficult and frustrated employees, and tackle tough workplace issues and toxic attitudes that block productivity, commitment and superior customer service!

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Leadership and Management:

Reputation Leadership™: How to Rank First in the Hearts, Minds and Wallets of Your Customers

Achieving brand recognition in your industry can mean long-term success for your business. The key is to be viewed as the Reputation Leader™ because today’s customers like doing business with companies that care about them and consistently deliver great results.

In this powerful and energetic keynote presentation, business author and speaker Tom Hinton delivers an upbeat, hands-on message to help your key people understand the five tenets of Reputation Leadership™ and how to put them to work immediately.
Tom Hinton will share how Reputation Leadership™ is linked to the Five Ps: Purpose, Principles, People, Process, and Performance. Today’s customers are sophisticated, educated, and connected globally through the internet and social networking sites. As a result, companies and organizations cannot rely on old marketing and sales methods to retain customers. They must rethink how they build positive customer relationships to ensure their products and services not only sell, but also, are regarded as best-in-class.
As the architect of Reputation Leadership™, Tom Hinton will demonstrate how this dynamic, innovative business approach can help your organization boost its sales performance and results. On the platform, Tom provides just the right mix of content and humor to reach your attendees and get them excited! As the best-selling author of four books, Tom knows how to deliver a dynamic presentation that will wow your attendees!


In studying leadership, business author and speaker Tom Hinton discovered one of the world’s most innovative and creative leaders was Leonardo da Vinci. The masterful artist, sculpture and designer, who dazzled the world with La Gioconda (Mona Lisa ) and thousands of inventions, has now become a symbol of how to lead and inspire people in the workplace by unleashing their creative genius and innovative spirit.
The goal of this inter-active presentation is to introduce your attendees to the genius and wisdom of Leonardo da Vinci so they can apply his 7 steps to their work. Tom will challenge your attendees to think creatively using the paintings of the great master as a tool to develop innovative solutions to their current workplace problems and processes. This dynamic and upbeat program will also help attendees grow as leaders and see themselves as architects of organizational success using the maestro’s toolbox which includes innovation, tapping into your senses, whole systems thinking, strategy and subtle change.
As a result of this fast-paced, inter-active program, attendees will emerge as change agents armed with ideas and solutions that can use to transform their organization!


“Leadership Lessons I Learned on the Links: Mastering The Course™ of Business and Life”
This outstanding keynote program is based on Tom Hinton’s third book by the same title. As a keynote presentation, this program is guaranteed to inspire, motivate and engage your attendees! Using the analogies and principles from the game of golf, Tom shares several powerful leadership lessons he’s learned on the links that will help your attendees improve their performance on the job and, hopefully, on the links!
Tom also involves the audience through his entertaining putting contest, which always draws cheers and laughter from the audience while providing important team building lessons. This dynamic and upbeat presentation is very popular with senior managers, sales representatives, and clients or suppliers. If you want to integrate a sports theme and leadership message at your meeting, this is the program for you! This program is also a big hit with spouses, too!

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Customer Service

“The Spirit of Service: How to Create Customer Evangelists!”
When Tom Hinton wrote his first book, The Spirit of Service, he was at the vanguard of growing international movement in 1990s that has transformed how businesses and public agencies view their relationship with customers. For over twenty years, Tom has entertained and enlightened audiences –from Fortune 100 companies to public sector agencies — on how to transform their organization from an “operations-driven” mindset to a customer-focused culture. This popular keynote program or workshop is ideal for front-line service champions, call center employees, and managers who are responsible for customer service, customer relationships, and building customer loyalty. Tom shares ten valuable attributes that every customer-focused organization should embrace including: Service Leadership; Listening; Quality; Courtesy; Education & Training; Innovation; Rewards & Recognition; Measuring Results & Keeping Score; Honoring Your Words & Promises; and, Empathy. Tom’s presentation is packed with clean humor, positive examples of how to acquire and maintain customers, build loyal customers, and practical tips that are customer-designed to help your employees impact the bottom line through a memorable service performance!

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Team Building

“The Power of Teams: Working Together for Profit, Pride, and Success”
How do best-in-class companies distinguish themselves from their competitors? One proven way is through the power of teamwork. It’s no secret that successful work teams out-perform, out-produce, and out-distance the competition. So, how do you create a winning team performance? During this workshop or keynote presentation, Tom Hinton.
will energize your attendees by sharing his Five P’s of Team Building. You’ll learn how world-class organizations have applied Tom Hinton’s “Five Ps of Team Building” to improve product development, spark new ideas, innovate, and expand market share by working together to achieve better results. This spirited program is popular with employee groups and managers because it blends humor and team building exercises.
with proven relationship-building strategies to help solve tough operational problems and achieve breakthroughs in the workplace.

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Business Excellence

“Creating a Culture of Excellence: Leading Your Organization How to Go from Good to Great to Awesome!”
Moving any organization from “good to great” requires leadership, talented people, a strong strategic plan, and processes that can be measured and refined. But, to reach the highest level — going from Good to Great to Awesome! — requires loyal customers, raving fans and a dedicated workforce! Since 1988, Tom Hinton has helped hundreds of private and public sector organizations transform their performance from good to great to awesome through his Performance Excellence presentations. During this hands-on, inter-active workshop or keynote, Tom will share seven steps necessary for an organization to become world-class. As a result of this presentation, your attendees will have a clear roadmap they can follow to improve performance levels across the organization and transform their business into a world-class, respected leader.

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Personal Development and Self-Growth

“10000 Days: How to Live a Life of Awe!”
One of Tom Hinton’s most popular presentations is based on his new book, 10000 Days. Tom delivers an inspiring and thought-provoking presentation that will lift the spirits of your attendees and challenge them to make a difference during their Legacy Years. This keynote is spiced with humor and memorable stories describing how some of history’s greatest leaders transformed our world through their deeds and words. As we reach that point in our lives where “legacy” and “contribution” matter, Tom Hinton’s uplifting and provocative keynote will invigorate your attendees to use their human gifts and talents to accomplish their goals, create a better world, and commit to making a difference during each of their remaining 10000 Days.

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Sustainability & Going Green:

Discovering the Gold in Going Green:

This outstanding keynote program is based on Tom Hinton’s work over the past five years in helping companies implement their Sustainability practices and Green strategies. Tom is one of the architects of the popular Green C Certification program administered by the American Consumer Council. Tom’s high energy platform style always wows audiences as he brings to life exciting ways companies are making a difference to protect our environment, energize their workforce, and save money through cost-effective Green practices.

Going Green:

How to Sustain the Environment and Make a Profit
How can your business re-position itself to Go Green and still be profitable? This question, which is at the heart of Business Sustainability, is one of the most pressing challenges facing business leaders today. In this informative and high-energy presentation Sustainability expert Tom Hinton shares his powerful Business Sustainability Model that includes five strategic areas: Environmental Leadership; Environmental Awareness; Environmental Compliance; Environmental Improvement; and, Corporate Social Responsibility.
This upbeat and informative program will help your business understand how to design and implement a Sustainability strategy that strengthens your bottom-line and favorably positions you with global consumers who understand the socio-economic and environmental impacts of everything from chemicals to the amount of water required to wash dirty linens in a large hotel. In today’s competitive marketplace, “Going Green” makes god business sense. But, Sustainability is much more than just “Going Green!” It’s also about eliminating waste, reducing costs, fostering innovation, and creating a balance among the competing interests of stakeholders, employees, and consumers.
Tom will provide you with a clear understanding of Business Sustainability and describe specific ways your business can adapt and profit by “Going Green!” Tom will also share seven Green best practices being used by other businesses to establish themselves as models for environmental excellence and, at the same time, significantly reducing their costs and building goodwill with their customers. These are best practices your organization can put to use immediately!

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