Executive Coaching and Consulting

The biggest mistake companies make is to adopt a consulting methodology before deciding what results they want to achieve. Since 1987, Tom Hinton has been helping organizations improve their leadership and and grow their business by working with leaders to help them focus on results and then applying an innovative approach to achieve those results. This dynamic approach has helped companies improve their performance, inspire their employees and ensure their company is in harmony with the thinking of a new generation of consumers.

Tom Hinton works with clients that want to be recognized as their industry leader. He helps them achieve that goal by strengthening their leadership, customer service, teamwork, and implementing Business Excellence strategies. Among the leading business strategies are Sustainability and “Discovering the Gold in Going Green.” Tom’s clients include Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, military units, non-profit organizations, healthcare, and educational institutions.

One approach Tom has has used successfully is the Malcolm Baldrige Award Criteria for Performance Excellence model because it offers clients a holistic approach to achieving business excellence. Tom’s unique approach to helping clients improve their performance is based on a collaborative style that engages your people to examine current work processes and find ways to increase performance and maximize business results. Our typical consulting relationship lasts from 6 months to 36 months depending on the scope and magnitude of the project. Our consulting work focuses on pre-defined client goals while using specific metrics to measure your outcomes and results.

In 2007, Tom helped the American Consumer Council create its state-of-the-art Green C Certification program.

What does Tom’s standard consulting process look like? First, Tom leads a team of seasoned consultants who conduct an internal assessment to establish a baseline for your key metrics. These metrics are based on your goals and compliment your Vision and Mission statements. Second, we work from the top down to ensure that corporate goals are understood and agreed to by all employees, properly translated by middle management and adopted by front-line employees. After twenty years of working with clients, Tom Hinton has found this simple, but direct, approach remains the most effective, least disruptive and cost-efficient method for successfully implementing your corporate Vision and Goals.

Tom’s research reveals that most companies experience a significant gap between what senior leadership understands to be the corporate mission and what front-line employees are doing to achieve that mission. Furthermore, we have found that this variability occurs because of disconnects among employee-to-employee contact, weak processes, or sacred cows that lead to systemic failures because middle management is afraid to change old ways.

Most companies don’t hire bad people. Instead, companies expect people to perform at peak levels despite inadequate systems and broken processes. This type of “Catch 21” can destroy brands if left unchecked and create serious morale problems among employees who want to excel but are held back because of systemic problems. As part of our approach, we teach managers how to lead and create “measures for performance.” We also help management develop accountability standards for their front-line employees that are fair, universal and recognize top performers while rewarding winning teams.

By focusing on results and tapping the strengths or your organization – as opposed to wasting time on trying to fix or improve its weaknesses — , we have been able to help companies move closer to their desired goals and achieve a greater sense of accomplishment in a shorter period of time.

Our goal is to help companies close the gap on key performance areas that drive revenue and customer retention results. Through this approach, we help our clients communicate their vision for success, establish metrics for all key success factors and measure employee performance against their key indicators. The final result is a company that operates in a systematic fashion, united by common goals that are measured against clearly identified metrics, that fosters an all-for-one, one-for-all team environment whereby all employees are working towards the same outcomes, leads to success!

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Senior Leadership Effective Presentation and Public Speaking Consulting

As demonstrated in the Academy Award winning film, The King’s Speech, every great leader knows how to deliver a powerful speech and command the attention of his/her audience. This is why Tom Hinton offers a Senior Leadership “Effective Presentation Skills Building” program that consists of four coaching sessions to develop outstanding presentation skills at meetings and for major speeches. This program includes a confidential leadership skills assessment, a confidential evaluation of your verbal and written communication style, and on-camera video training feedback and critique session to refine your platform delivery and style.

Our goal is to strengthen your presentation skills and platform style so that your presentations and speeches ignite the audience and generate a favorable response! For more information and a confidential conversation, please contact Tom Hinton directly at or call 1-760-787-0414 (or toll free at 1-800-544-0414 in the USA).

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Executive Coaching

In today’s competitive environment, a successful executive or leader must possess the right balance between professional skills and personal decorum. This balance is true in the corporate world as well as in the fields of education, non-profit, government, and healthcare. Every week there is another unfortunate story of some leader who is reprimanded or dismissed because he/she put their foot in their mouth or acted improperly. Any executive who is considered “out of balance” will not survive in this era of political correctness.

Tom Hinton provides professional, confidential coaching to individual managers and senior leaders who seek to strengthen their personal and professional performance. While each coaching client has different needs and goals, typically a coaching relationship includes the following key steps:

  1. A confidential, get-acquainted telephone call.
  2. A confidential meeting to establish rapport and reach agreement on the specific goals and touchstones of this coaching relationship.
  3. A private two-hour video and playback critique session to show the client how he/she is perceived by others through the lens of a camera.
  4. Twice monthly telephone conversations lasting 60 minutes in length that build on the agreed-upon goals as well as the following areas:
    1. Professional goals and career path to success.
    2. Personal goals.
    3. Life balance including family, recreation, spiritual, and health issues.
    4. Time management
    5. Communication Skills for personal and professional growth
    6. Metrics for success.

Tom’s coaching skills can help you enhance your professionalism, performance and image. Tom can also help you refine your communication skills and help you raise your confidence and self-esteem in social and professional environments. This includes the dreaded area of “public speaking!” Tom’s most successful clients have been individuals who are open to improving themselves. They accept feedback and are willing to modify their attitude, values, and behavior in order to grow to the next level. Typically, they are results-oriented and pragmatic people who have a creative dimension but feel limited in their current success path. They include successful people who need professional support in dealing with specific challenges that are challenging them. Often times, Tom finds that his best clients need help clarifying their goals and setting long-range plans. Finally, many of Tom’s coaching clients simply need a confidential sounding board for their ideas, or a listening heart outside of the workplace and family to discuss personal issues that occupy their time and thoughts.

For more information and a confidential conversation, please contact Tom Hinton directly at or call 1-760-787-0414 (or toll free at 1-800-544-0414 in the USA).

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