Team Coaching

One of the core beliefs that Tom Hinton shares is this: Good enough isn’t! Even the best can get better. This is why Tom Hinton created the Team Coaching practice. This structured program lasts six months and brings together a class of 10-20 top performers from your organization who share a common desire to improve and push themselves to the next level.

This coaching class focuses on three key aspects of personal and professional growth. They include:

a.  Individual Goals

b.  Organizational Goals

c.  Pathways to Success

During the Individual Goals phase, Tom Hinton will meet with each member of your team for two hours and conduct a confidential individual assessment. We will talk about business and personal goals as well as life balance issues to ensure each team member is ready for the next level of achievement.

During the Organizational Goals phase, Tom will assemble the team for a two-day off-site retreat during which organizational goals are shared by the top executive and outlined in greater detail by the senior leader of the business unit. After this opening presentation, team members get down to business developing strategies and plans to ensure these goals are met. Team members will prioritize their top three projects, and using techniques from Lean and Six Sigma practices, create a sound plan to achieve outcomes within 60 days.

The Pathways to Success phase focuses on the individual and helping them assess their performance each month. Along the way, Tom also works with the team conducting weekly briefings to ensure progress is being made and results are being tracked. Upon the completion of this Team Coaching program, a celebration is held during which senior leaders from the organization recognize individuals and reward the team’s performances.

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Individual Coaching

One of the most effective ways for individuals to progress through the ranks of management and leadership is through coaching. Most professionals find it difficult to spend time attending formal training programs and workshops outside of their discipline. This is why Tom Hinton established his Individual Coaching practice in 1994. For nearly 15 years, Tom has worked in a confidential manner with noted business leaders, non-profit executives, government leaders, and several professional athletes to help them take their performance to the next level.

Tom has created a very powerful and successful coaching track that targets the six dimensions of well-rounded achievement: Personal, Professional, Financial, Spiritual,

Relationships and Recreational. Over the course of the relationship, Tom works with each client to help them set goals, measure their results on a daily basis, and achieve their desired outcomes. While the initial meeting is always face-to-face, the follow-up, bi-weekly appointments are conducted in one-hour coaching sessions by telephone.

The goal of Tom’s individual coaching program is to provide meaningful, confidential consultation to help clients resolve issues and respond to personal and professional concerns that inhibit success, growth, and peace-of-mind. For more information, please e-mail Tom Hinton in confidence at

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