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Free Doesn’t Always Mean Free

I hope you enjoy this article by my friend and guest writer, Bill Kalmar.s/ Tom HintonOur cable provider, AT&T, just offered us one month of free service for Encore and Showtime. Two months ago, we took the free HBO offer for two months. After two mont…


United Breaks Guitars

by Tom HintonPerhaps you’ve seen the You Tube video entitled United Breaks Guitars by Dave Carroll. Dave serenades us with his composition about the United Airlines baggage handlers at Chicago O’Hare Airport who tossed around his expensive Taylor g…


Riding the Green Wave to Green Certification

There’s a new wave of environmental consciousness rolling across the landscape of American business. In certification circles, we refer to it as the Green Wave. But, companies are discovering that going green isn’t easy, and getting green certified…


Embracing the Single Payer System for Health Care

Thomas HintonSpeaker & AuthorThere was a time when the United States of America provided the finest health care in the world. Today, the United States is a good example of how not to build a health care system for patients. What happened? While the ans…


Who Needs Banks When You Have Credit Unions

by Tom HintonThere’s a great deal of consumer unrest sweeping across the United States. Many consumers are frustrated with their banks because we can’t get loans, the interest rates on our credit cards are excessive, and banks are charging excessive fe…


Customer Service Champs or Chumps

by Tom HintonIn the March 2, 2009 issue of Business Week, the magazine’s cover story was entitled Extreme Customer Service. Business Week touted a list of 25 companies they referred to as “Customer Service Champs.” I’m wondering if there was a …


Getting Detroit Back on the Road to Recovery

For twenty-five years General Motors, Ford and Chrysler have resisted common sense. Now, their leaders have flown into Washington, D.C. on their corporate jets begging Congress to give them billions in another federal bailout scheme. They just don’t …

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