A Labor Day Thought on Work

Recently, there have been several studies on how many people are unhappy with their jobs. Some studies claim that upwards of 75% of all employees are either unhappy in their jobs or unfulfilled.
My big question is “why?”

Why do we take a job that is either unrewarding or requires us to perform a task we loath? I’ve heard all the excuses — many of which appearĀ valid at the time– including “I need the money,” or, “it was supposed to be a step-up the corporate ladder,” etc.
But, in the final analysis, I think we should always ask ourselves two keys questions when it comes to accepting a job:
1. Does this job or position help me utilize my talents and gifts?
2. Is this position fulfilling? In other words, will it grow me as a person or make me a better person?
If either answer is “no,” don’t take the job. Find a position that raises you up and utilizes your talents. If the position doesn’t exist, create it!

We live in an era when you can perform just about any task, anywhere, for anyone. Don’t be trapped into working for someone or some company that doesn’t appreciate your talents and gifts, or isn’t willing to pay you a fair wage for your time and effort.
Your labors should be rewarded not just on Labor Day, but everyday!

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